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Rep. Debbie Lesko

Voting Record

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Women's Rights

Voted against protecting a woman's right to choose whether to continue or end a pregnancy (Women's Health Protection Act of 2022)

Voted against protecting a healthcare provider's ability to provide abortion care (Women's Health Protection Act of 2022)

Voted against abortion/public health funding (Build Back Better Act)

Voted against access to contraceptives (Right to Contraceptive Act)

Voted against protecting a health care provider's ability to provide contraceptives (Right to Contraceptive Act)


Voted against stipulating any attempt to withhold abortion services constitute discrimination (The Equality Act)

Voted against expanding abortion funding/abortion insurance (American Rescue Plan Act)

Voted against protecting a woman's right to travel for abortion (Ensuring Women's Right to Reproductive Freedom Act)

National Right to Life Committee - 100% rating

SBA Pro-Life America - A+ rating

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Gun Control

Voted against regulating assault weapons (Assault Weapons Ban of 2022)

Voted against the "boyfriend loophole" (Violence Against Women Act)

Voted against background checks for firearm sales (Bipartisan Background Checks Act)

Voted against background checks for private transfers (Background Check Expansion Act)

Voted against gun reforms after Uvalde, Tx mass shooting (Protecting Our Kids Act)


   Jan-Aug 2023 there have been 466 mass shootings.

"It is so important to uphold our 2nd Amendment rights to keep & bear arms. I am proud to receive an A+ rating from the NRA."  - Debbie Lesko


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Voted against clean drinking water (Infrastructure Act)


Voted against funds to address climate change (American Rescue Plan)


Voted to defund Biden Administration's climate change executive orders


Voted against clean air (repeal of  EPA rule relating to Control of Air Pollution from Motor Vehicles: Heavy-Duty Engine & Vehicle Standards)        

Voted to cut funding for various clean energy initiatives

Voted to drastically reduce funding for environmental protection programs in the EPA and Dept. of Interior 

Voted to forbid EPA ad Dept. of the Interior from engaging in certain environmental regulation

Voted against prohibiting drilling in the Artic National Wildlife Refuge

Voted against protecting Chaco Cultural Heritage area from commercial exploitation, including oil and gas production and mining

Voted against protecting the Grand Canyon from commercial exploitation


In 1988, Lesko was charged with a misdemeanor in Conroe, Texas, for tampering with government records. The case was dropped in 1994. Also in 1988, Lesko's then-husband Jeffrey Allen Ignas was sentenced to 10 years in prison for fraud. He was released from prison in 1992.

In October 1992, Lesko and Ignas filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection. The couple was sued twice in 1993: for failure to pay a $10,000 rental equipment bill and for an additional unpaid $11,000 bill. They filed for bankruptcy again that year.

Ignas was allegedly abusive to Lesko, reportedly punching her in the stomach when she was pregnant. Later in 1993, Lesko filed for divorce.

In 1994 the second bankruptcy protection case was closed.[4] 

Lesko later married Joe Lesko.[3] 


She has used other names, including Debbie Harris, Debra Ignas, Debra Schultz, Debra Howard and Debra Kay Lorenz. Her name changes were associated with Ignas, who also went by different names.[4][5]

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