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Located in Peoria, AZ, Northwest Valley Indivisible is one of over 7000 chapters of the national Indivisible ( grassroots movement.  

NWVI was started in 2017 by a handful of Peoria residents concerned with the Trump/MAGA agenda. By the end of Trump's one-term presidency, our local chapter had grown to over 260 members.  

We are a non-partisan group of like-minded people joined together to defend our democracy through peaceful activism, education and civic engagement at the local, state and national levels.

  • We advocate for a wide variety of issues such as voting rights, women's rights, health care, public education, getting dark money out of our elections and many other progressive issues.

  • We support elected officials and candidates who represent and work for our positions. 

  • We provide opportunities for volunteerism, education, training, advocacy and direct action.

  • Together our volunteers help get initiatives on the ballot that matter most to Maricopa County voters, write postcards, text bank, phone bank, attend rallies, hold our representatives accountable and so much more.

  • Today, with the ongoing threats to our constitutional and human rights, we remain committed in our mission to peacefully advocate and educate for an all-inclusive democracy of, by and for the people.

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