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Support Northwest Valley Indivisible As We Educate, Advocate & Defend Democracy In Peoria, AZ


A non-partisan, all-volunteer group in Peoria, AZ, we are part of the largest grassroots pro-democracy movement in U.S. history.  No conspiracy theories,

no dog whistles.  We advocate for inclusion, tolerance & fairness while exposing disinformation on the local, state and national levels. 

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Democracy and freedoms are on the ballot and if we want them, we will have to vote for them. This is not a partisan issue, but a calling that unites us as American's - a calling that requires us to not just be spectators. We must protect our elections, the voters, the election officials and our free and fair process. The journey begins here, today.

                              Let's get to it!

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Sunday, April 28th


Rio Vista Community Park

Arizona Abortion Access

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Last year, Arizonans lost their freedom to make our own decisions about abortion. However, a majority of Arizonans support the right for women to make their own decisions about healthcare, including abortion — without government interference.

We believe that the people of Arizona should decide this question by voting in November 2024.  We need your signature to qualify for the ballot and establish a fundamental right to abortion in our state without governmental restriction or interference.

Arizona for Abortion Access is a coalition consisting of ACLU of Arizona, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona, NARAL Arizona, Affirm Sexual and Reproductive Health, Arizona List and Healthcare Rising.

Northwest Valley Indivisible is joining the coalition in collecting signatures to place a constitutional amendment (Arizona Abortion Access Act) on the Nov. 2024 ballot protecting abortion access in AZ.

Take the pledge to join us!

Visit here for up-to-date information on signature gathering locations, signature gathering training dates and other Arizona Abortion Access Initiative events.

Voters' Choice


 What Is Project 2025 And Why Is It So Dangerous?

 By Ahmed Baba


Project 2025 is an authoritarian plot to replace tens of thousands of federal workers with GOP loyalists, dismantle federal agencies, and turn the federal government into a tool of the far-right.

You may have heard of Project 2025. Everyone is talking about it, and for good reason. If this is your first time hearing about it, brace yourself.

Project 2025 is a comprehensive roadmap that seeks to fundamentally twist the federal government into the far-right’s image if a Republican president takes office on January 20, 2025.

To put it more simply, it’s an authoritarian manifesto. But it’s not merely a list of stated ideals—it’s a detailed strategic playbook outlining exactly how to destroy the federal government as we know it. That’s not hyperbole.

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After numerous court cases, partisan audits, recount upon recount, Arizona - Maricopa Co. in particular - remains the epicenter for post-election misinformation. These debunked false claims continue to threaten our democracy. Fight back with Just the Facts.

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